Welcome to the Myrtle Beach Table Tennis Community!

Okay, so what is this?

This site is to help build a fun and competitive Table Tennis community in the Myrtle Beach and surrounding area. The Myrtle Beach Table Tennis Club is our home base and where you will find players of all skill level. You can find information about our club and other places to play on this site.

What's so great about Table Tennis?

Table Tennis has been an Olympic Sport since 1988. It is a world-wide growing sport that players of all ages and athletic ability can enjoy. Table Tennis is a low-impact sport that improves hand-eye coordination, footwork and brain function. There is only 9 feet separating players, creating an explosive and fast-paced sport!

How can I start?

Join the local club or find other players in the area to introduce you to the sport. There is amazing content on Youtube that can jumpstart your basic understanding of the sport!

Work In Progress

This site is very new and a work in progress. Please be patient as I continue to populate the website with exciting info!