The club in Myrtle Beach, SC began in the late 90's. It started as a small recreation club and slowly grew from there. Currently, there is around 45 members with 20 or more players showing up on each club night. There are players from 15 to 90 years old! The club owns 8 Proffesional-Quality Butterfly Centerfold Tables with 7 set up each night. Membership to M.B.T.T.C is an annual payment of $35 or $2 per visit.

M.B.T.T.C. currently plays at the General Robert H Reed Recreation Center in Market Common. Open play is Monday and Thursday between 5pm and 9pm. The format is a single best of 5 match with the winner staying on the table. All USATT and ITTF rules are encouraged and used by most members.

M.B.T.T.C. has players from beginner to advanced skill level. Some players currently travel to and compete in USATT sanctioned tournaments. They are happy to help beginners learn and practice fundamental strokes to improve quicker. Match play is fun but makes it challenging to improve quickly. Take advantage of these players to become the best player you can be!

MBTTC Open League

The goal of the MBTTC League is to provide it's members and visitors a chance to challenge themselves. The league is free for members but non-members will be charged a small fee. It will provide practice and experience under a psuedo-tournament setting for players interested in sanctioned events. First and foremost, it is for fun and enjoyment!

During league play, all official USATT and MBTTC rules are in effect. Always be polite and respectful to everyone else in the club. Profanity and misconduct that might effect club members or the club image may result in a game or match loss. Continued offenses will result in suspension or banning from the league! USATT rules that allow towel breaks, time-outs and coaching are allowed and can be useful tactics during a tough match.

To join the league, please make a free USATT account through then click "join league" under the Myrtle Beach Open League page. The tournament director can help you with this step before the league, if neccesary.

League Info

  • The first Thursday of every month at 6pm.
  • Warm up and Sign up starts at 5pm.
  • Register before 5:50pm.
  • It may be possible to join late if there is space in a group.
  • Format will be decided depending on the amount of players.
  • Anyone without a tournament or league rating will be given an estimated rating and then adjusted based on performance.

League Challenge Matches

These are special open play matches that take place outside of league play. They are completely optional and can be simply declined if you are challenged. If two players agree to play a Challenge Match, they can obtain a "Challenge Match Sheet" from the League folder or through a club official. This match will be recorded into the league system and rating points will be adjusted accordingly. A limit of one challenge match per player per week is in effect. Take advantage of this to practice mental focus or real tactics during a "high-stakes" match!

Rules and Conduct

This list covers a majority of the club rules but is not absolute and subjuct to change. These are here to help create an atmosphere of respect, positivity and fun.

  • Sign your name on sign-in sheet upon entry.
  • White-board list is used for next available table when tables are full.
  • 5 minute warm-up allowed during first match.
  • 2 minute warm-up on each following match.
  • "Kitchen side" of ballroom always serves first.
  • A player may request a total 20-minute practice sessions instead of match play then gives up table.
  • A winning player may give up table to next two players on list and place name on top of list.(Dave's Rule)
  • To prevent injury or disrupt another game, stay behind barriers and outside of play as much as possible.
  • A "let" must be called if an outside ball hits either player or table.
  • Absolutely NO violence, obscene language or disrespect towards other members or guests.
  • No banging, kicking or misuse of club property(Tables, barriers, balls, etc.)
  • Butterfly Tables must be set-up or put away with two people.
  • Take care not to over tighten net clamps.
  • No dragging of barriers to prevent marks on floor.